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SMTEC’s conducts 1-day, 3-day, 7-week and 13-week “TennesSeed Camp” programs designed to help promising entrepreneurs accelerate the speed at which their young companies are able to enter the marketplace. The programs provide both local and distance learning and follow the general guidelines and academic curriculum and theories professed by Steve Blanks (e.g., business model generation, lean start-up customer discovery, entrepreneurial selling, powerful presentations, intellectual property, raising capital, the mind of the investor, etc.). The primary objective of the program is to connect entrepreneurs with the resources they need to get their businesses going so they can create jobs in Tennessee.

The level of experiential learning at each TennesSeed Camp varies based on the length of the camp and the specific or general industry focus of the program. The camps are led by active and retired executives, researchers, product developers, marketing specialists and others from the automotive, technology and investments fields among the 13 counties that SMTEC serves and by experts from the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services.

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